New Management!

Hello and thank you for visiting, home of the South London Wood Recycling project or Solowood for short.

We are a social enterprise specialising in wood reclamation, up-cycling and wood sales. We are always striving to increase the sustainability of our operation with the end goal of building a strong and robust up-cycling community with our customers at its heart. To this end we welcome any and all inquiries, from advice on the best finishes to use on your wood to personal commissions and beyond we are always happy to help if we can.

In the coming months we are changing location launching a new blog and increasing our social media presence to better connect with the public. All of these changes are being undertaken to help improve our customers experience of up-cycling.

To achieve these goals in 2017 our organisation has undergone a change of management. Our new director is reforming the organisation and implementing wider adjustments that will be ongoing for most of the year. This is being undertaken in order to help Solowood develop as a social enterprise and ultimately grow a stronger up-cycling community with you, our customers, at its heart.

So if you need advice or to make a purchase please feel free to call or email with any inquiries, but be mindful of the limitations our restructure has placed on us.

07444 729521

Kind regards, Chris Carlisle (Director)